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Our Team

Integrity: “Serving others with a mind to what they will gain, not what I will gain. Integrity starts at home and naturally filters into every aspect of life.”

Our Team

We created Integrity Star Title to spread their compassion for clients, realtors and lenders into the state of Florida. Integrity Star Title is not just the name of the business, but the core value of how things get done and how people get treated.

Bibi Aquino

Bibi Aquino

Agency Manager

(941) 363-1124

With many years in the title insurance industry under her belt, Wuilnellys Aquino, also known as Bibi, brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to the real estate industry………. Fluent in both English and Spanish, Bibi specializes in facilitating smooth and efficient real estate transactions, catering to clients from diverse backgrounds.

Having called Southwest Florida home since 1989, she has witnessed the impressive growth and evolution of the local communities. This extensive local knowledge allows her to provide invaluable insights and guidance to clients navigating property transactions in this dynamic region.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Bibi enjoys indulging in crafting as a creative outlet, finding fulfillment in bringing imaginative ideas to life. Her dedication to community and faith is evident through her active participation at IDDPMI, where she passionately serves others and lives out her faith journey with a heart devoted to Jesus.

Throughout her career, Bibi has established a reputation for delivering exceptional service, meticulous attention to detail, and a steadfast commitment to ensuring each client’s real estate experience is seamless and stress-free. Whether assisting with property purchases, sales, or refinancing, she is dedicated to helping clients achieve their real estate goals with confidence.

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Carmen Feliciano

Title Agent

With a solid 28-year track record in the Title Insurance industry, Carmen Feliciano stands out as a dynamic and intensely dedicated title professional. Originally from the vibrant city of New York, Carmen embarked on her journey in the title insurance sector in 1995, making a significant move from The Big Apple to The Sunshine State. In 2019, Carmen achieved the milestone of becoming a Licensed Title Agent, marking a pivotal moment in her career. Her passion for the title insurance industry not only took root but continues to flourish with each passing day. Carmen brings a wealth of diverse experience to the team, and her unwavering attention to detail, top-notch communication skills, expertise in communication, and relationship-building skills make her an essential part of our growth as a company. Beyond her professional endeavors, Carmen is actively engaged in her community, particularly through her involvement in her church. There, she has discovered a supportive community of like-minded Christians who have become an integral part of her extended family. During her down time, Carmen finds joy in crafting, watching movies, reading and cherishes moments spent with her two children, Kaycee and Daniel. Her well-rounded and enriching life experiences contribute not only to her professional success but also reflect her commitment to personal and community growth.

FL Title Agent License #W878426

Heather Whitteker-Dubin

Licensed FL Agent / Owner

(561) 781-5474

Heather Whitteker-Dubin is a business entrepreneur with over 20 years of industry experience in real estate and title insurance. A Licensed Title Agent, Heather has successfully owned and operated various businesses through the years, including Integrity Settlement Group, LLC., a title and real estate settlement company currently doing business in Florida and Pennsylvania. In 2004-2008 Heather was a co-owner and co-founder of Title Partners Plus, one of the largest independent ABA companies in the Northeast. As the company experienced rapid growth, Heather was integral in running and overseeing the operations for the company in PA, MD, FL, and NJ. After obtaining her bachelor’s and master’s degree in Food and Nutrition, Heather started a successful nutritional counseling business, (A Better You Nutritional Counseling Services, LLC.), and 17 years later, she continues to have an impact on the health and wellness of many long standing individual and corporate clients. A Mansfield, PA native, Heather enjoys cooking and maintaining a healthy lifestyle by incorporating exercise and nutrition into her daily life. Heather also loves gymnastics, teaching fitness classes at a local yoga studio, and attending Penn State Football games with her husband Chad, daughter Faye, and son Lincoln.

Anthony Byrnes

Anthony Byrnes

Business Development

Anthony Byrnes is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in the mortgage industry. Born and raised in the vibrant city of New York, Anthony’s journey led him to the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania at the age of 19. Currently residing in Nazareth, PA with his family, Anthony has made a significant impact on the local business landscape.

For an impressive span of 27 years, Anthony dedicated his expertise to the mortgage industry. Starting as a loan originator, he quickly rose through the ranks, eventually becoming a highly successful branch manager. Under his leadership, Anthony built and nurtured a team of up to 50 individuals, achieving remarkable annual sales of up to $10 million.

Throughout his career, Anthony didn’t limit himself to mortgage-related ventures alone. He also explored entrepreneurial opportunities in the title insurance industry and as a real estate investor in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. In all his business endeavors, Anthony has consistently prioritized honesty and integrity as the fundamental pillars of success.

Outside of his professional life, Anthony has a passion for collecting coins, diving into the fascinating world of numismatics. Additionally, he enjoys tinkering with options trading, utilizing his financial acumen to explore investment opportunities.

When he’s not immersed in his hobbies or professional pursuits, Anthony cherishes quality time with his loved ones. Whether it’s savoring delicious meals at great restaurants or greasy spoons, assisting his children with their homework, or embarking on exciting travels to new destinations, family and friends remain at the heart of his life.

With his extensive experience, unwavering values, and commitment to excellence, Anthony Byrnes continues to make a positive impact in both the business world and his personal sphere.

 Chad A. Dubin

Chad Dubin

Business Development

(814) 404-5407

Chad A. Dubin is a business entrepreneur and experienced venture capitalist, investment banker, and equities trader. Chad began his career on Wall Street as an investment banker in the emerging Biotechnology sector. As the co-founder of Trautman Kramer Securities, he was responsible for structuring and managing multiple private equity fundraising campaigns. Two of his more notable successes were Aurora Biosciences, a pioneer in Gene Therapy sequencing, acquired by Merck for a $350M valuation, and Myriad Genetics, which currently trades on the NASD (MYGN) with a $2.2B market cap. By leveraging his early financial experience and success in 2003, Chad pursued additional business opportunities and transitioned from “Wall Street to Main Street”. He spent the next two decades growing and selling small businesses, primarily focusing on the title settlement and mortgage lending industries. Because of his extensive background in title insurance, banking, and mortgage lending, Chad founded and grew one of the largest, independent Affiliated Business Arrangements in the Northeast, with over 120 employees and operations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Florida. Similarly, Chad grew Mammoth Restoration and Construction, Inc. into one of the largest independent Restoration and Construction companies in PA, which he sold in 2013. Building on that success, Chad founded Allied Restoration and Construction, Inc. expanding the start-up company throughout Florida. Allied currently operates in three states and has annualized revenues at over $38 million. Born in Philadelphia, Chad grew up in Orlando, FL. He has been happily married to Heather, his wife of 18 years, and blessed with two beautiful children, Faye, and Lincoln. Chad is involved in his local community, and dedicated to his church and coaching high school wrestling. He is the founder of the nonprofit “Coach J,” an athletic themed, faith-based outreach program.